There he was the same person since high school. Literally has nothing going for himself, doesn’t want anything for himself, and is doing nothing with himself. Except being someone for himself. He had just treated me to another romantic relaxing evening, out of the blue and did it out of the kindness of his heart.


Wow he is so funny, and he fucking knows it. I bet his head is so far up his fucking ass that he can smell his own brain. But he is still very down to Earth somehow…So down…So down.


“What you thinking about?” That was the last thing he said before he gave me exactly what I fucking needed. He gave me that perfect kiss from high school again and pressed me up against the hotel wall. He always just took complete control when the time was right. He penetrates my mouth with his tongue just how I want him to penetrate through my clit with that dick of his.


He begins to lift my legs up and roll my skirt down, as he moves from mouth to my neck. Getting me absolutely soaked I can feel his hard dick through his pants press against my throbbing clit. He begins to slightly dry hump me, and it honestly feels orgasmic. Then somehow through his hypnotic grip I was able to get myself down, take his hand and lead him towards the bed.


He then grabs me from behind and whispers in my ear before bitting it,


“I missed this pussy so fucking much.”


I then bite my lip as my pussy quivers and he tosses me on the bed. He smacks my exposed ass and then begins to make out with my right cheek, and work his way down my leg. Once he reaches my toe, he sucks it. Lane then says,


“Turn over, I wanna taste of that pussy.”


I turn over, possessed by his electrifying spell. Taking hold of my left leg and raising it up to his mouth. He then places his slithery tongue on my ankle and works his way down. When he gets to my pussy that is aching to get devoured. A kiss is delivered everywhere but on my clit. Then after I stop hearing his kisses, I feel his head back away, and then he plunges his entire tongue into my clit.


“Fuck!” I say as I began to squirm from his literally perfect cunnilingus skills. He was great in high school like he ate pussy for sport or something. Now it’s like he had gone to the Olympics and got a gold medal. He ate my pussy, and it felt like my life force was draining out of me. I then started to get close so I held his head down giving him some humps back,


“Oh shit Lane! Fuck just like that!” He definitely heard me as he kept doing it just like that. I unleashed the most powerful orgasm I had, had in years since being with him. I see him wipe his mouth and then we both giggle,


“You’re fun.” He whispers beginning to kiss my neck again, as I feel him start to undo his pants. Fuck I was so ready to get his dick inside me. He first starts to undo my shirt and remove it and I remove him as well. I then feel that big thick thing start to glide against my clit, as he continues to kiss me. I feel the tip enter and meet my hole. It was a huge shock to feel it start to go in, as my past partners after him had much smaller penises.


“Oh fuck, that’s a big dick,” I grunted as he began to force majority of it in, as I felt my entire body start to tense up.