Chapter 3. Death


“Please no, no, no please! Just don’t please I’m not crazy please!” She screamed to the doctor preparing the big needle to put her down humanely. The doctor then puts the syringe down and comes towards Lejla and grabs her gently by the face.


“Now Lejla,” He began in his Bosnian accent, “You hurt a lot of people when you go to sleep, okay? So now it is time for you to go to sleep.” He adds taking his hand away from her face and back towards the table where he was preparing the syringe.


“No! Please!” She yells while crying, “I didn’t kill my family! I would never kill them!” She adds through the pain of her dreading voice.


The doctor then huffs in slight frustration and says,


“Lejla, I’m going to show you the video one more time, and that will be it.”


Lejla begins to sniffle and then says, “What video?” The doctor then goes slightly into the darkness of the room and pulls out an old television set that rolled on wheels. He turns it on and there security camera footage of a girl standing in the corner of a baby’s room.


After a brief moment of watching the girl goes into the babies carriage and starts to mangle the baby to pieces, starting at its neck. Lejla watches in shock as she can only repeat to herself silently,


“That’s not me. That’s not me. That’s not me.”


The video continues and the girl rushes down the hallway and into another bedroom. The security camera switches to inside the bedroom in which she is walking into. She silently creeps into the bedroom where two people are sleeping and goes into the closet behind her. She disappears.


Lejla watches in shock praying nothing else happens. After a long pause a flash of light comes from the closet, and the two people sleeping in the bed jump up from their sleep startled. The two just stare into the closet, until another flash of light comes from the closet. The man’s goes lifeless with blood splattered on the pillows and bed, and the girl appears from the closet. The woman is left in a screaming panic as the girl is completely still looking at the lifeless body.


The woman continues to panic and mess with her phone. The girl with the gun then breaks her infatuation with the dead body and looks to create a new one. She points the pistol at the woman on her cell phone and unleashes 9 shots into her body.


Lejla is distraught and says “Turn it off please.”


“Do you see now Lejla?” The doctor says to her.


“No that, wasn’t- that just wasn’t- when did this happen?” Lejla says to the doctor.


“I have explained it to you everyday for a year now Lejla, and those are not the only people you have killed. So it is time for us to just sleep okay?” The doctor says getting closer to her with the needle.


Lejla begins to panic and tries to break away from the restraints that have her tied down to the chair she is in.


“NO! NO! NO!” She screams as he got closer. She then looks to notice that an IV is already in her arm, and he puts the fluid of the injection into the bag where in turns the clear liquid blue. The blue liquid begins to run into the the tube and into her bloodstream.


Lejla begins to scream more and more, until…


She wakes up


“Ahhhhh!” She screams horrifically. She then starts to observe the room around her. It is completely white and she is in a restraint jacket. A man in all white clothing then enters the room.


“Lejla dear, are you alright honey?” The man says,


“Wh-who are you?” Lejla says to the man.


“Well I’m doctor Mengele. Remember? I give you chocolate?”


“No…No you don’t. I have no idea, who the fuck you are! Where the fuck am I?” She screams while backing into the corner, beginning to cry.


“She’s going into psychosis again. Guards!” He yells into the hallway. Two men then appear and he whispers something to them in a foreign language. Mengele then exits and the two men charge towards her as she continues to scream and panic. As she screams she is stabbed in the neck with a syringe that puts her to sleep.


She then wakes up with her hands restrained to a table in another completely white room. She wakes up and looks around beginning to slightly panic again, until Dr. Mengele enters the room.


“Here let’s get you out of these restraints. You aren’t an animal.” Say Mengele as he goes for her restraints and unlocks them.


“Now Lejla, how are you today?” He asks.


“I’m scared. Where am I?” She says fighting back her tears.


“You are in Auschwitz, Poland my dear. The day is January 8th 1941.”


Lejla stomach and heart began to sink into the floor.


“No, no, no, its not! I-its 2016. M-my name is Lejla Halavic. I am 16 years old! I go to Grayson high school! I’m from Snellville Georgia!” She screams as she backs away from the table, and begins to panic and cry.


“Where the fuck am I?” She screams into the heavens.