Narrator Exposeigh

These two hoes Ari and Syd getting chased down by the police with their two pimps Quavo and Upbeat in the front of the car speeding away.


These damn niggers having a high speed chase going down 85.


As the four of them speed down the highways and helicopters from the 11 Alive news get footage of their 2001 Honda getting up to about 85 MPH on the highway, their tires suddenly give out and they crash into the woods. The two bitches are left in the car unconscious, but the two pimps Quavo and Upbeat get out and start running.


Here is the niggerdom that took place that evening.


Chapter 1. Freeze Nigga!


“Freeze nigga!” Screams the fat black police man at the two running negros.


The pair continue to run, but are quickly derailed and taken down by the approaching dogs.


“I give in! I give in! Fuck!” Screams Quavo as the shepherd bites at his arm. The officers then roll up, pistols a-pointed and cuff the to young gentlemen on The Nawf. The police then have them pressed against their police cars and start to search the car and get the two unconscious girls who were hurt in the crash. The police find a pound of weed, a brick of molly, and the pairs newly published mixtape ‘Bad and Boujee by Quavo and Upbeat’.


The cover only had a picture of Quavo on the front and the officer continued to ask Upbeat,


“Hey, Why were you left off Bad and Boujee?”


Upbeat responds.




The officer responds.




Upbeat again says




The officer again says




Upbeat then again asks,




The officer then says


“Well I guess not… So you guys are going to jail now and yall had a lot of weight on you. Also had two stank, bad bitches in the back that might be dead, but we don’t love these hoes anyways. Most likely you’re going to get a slap on the wrist since you are both only second time offenders. So things are looking bright boys!”


“Really huncho?” Quavo responds with a zest of hope.


“Haha no! You fucking niggers are getting life! What the fuck were y’all thinking running from us? I know you fucking coons have fucking weed in the car. Nigga I have weed in my car! Do you really think I want to fill out paper work over a damn thing that’s about to become legal? Get yo Bad and Boujee ass out of here!”


The officer then proceeds to put the two in the car, but then some fuck shit starts to happen. The officer’s white partner named George Zimmerman comes over and gets spooked by the two negros in the back of the car.


“Oh-oh-shit! I’m standing my ground!” George draws his gun to the two young black gentlemen in the car and in slow motion his partner comes to try and stop him, but it was too late. George had already emptied the clip for the one time and caught a damn case.


“George...They were cuffed...In the damn car… I even read them their damn rights… We were so close, what the fuck?”


His partner says as he looks at the bullet ridden bodies of the two.


George then responds,


“Sir, I-I got spooked it was accide- I was standing my ground sir!”


“No you weren’t you were just being an ass!” Responds his partner. “Well, sprinkle some of that molly on them.” He adds.


“No!” George says.


“No?” His partner inquires.


“No, I’m going to take the heat this time.” George declares.


“George don’t be a hero, just sprinkle this coke on them and let's be rational here.” His partner says holding up a bag of cocaine


“No! I’ll face the crucifiction.” George says going to get in the truck of the SWAT car.


“George be rational! Do you have any idea what black twitter will do to you?” His partner adds.


“Well, Caleb its something I’m going to have to deal with. Take me away officer.” Replies George.


George is then taken away sent to a private Jail cell to keep him away from all the other inmates. He awaits trial for three months and finally on November 4th, 2017 the jury reaches a verdict.


“Has the jury reached a verdict?” Judge Mathis asks the jury.


“Yes, your honor we find the defendant guilty.” Says the speaker of the jury,


“Alrighty then Mr. Zimmerman, I sentence you to death by roasting. I will have you placed in a glass bullet proof box in the middle of downtown Atlanta, where everyone can walk by and roast yo dumbass ass until you die of embarrassment. Goodbye and goodday.”


George is then escorted out of the mumbling court room and to processing where he will be immediately prepared for the roasting. George will be give one meal the whole time and will have to endure the harsh roasting for seven days. If he survives, he will be given the respect of the black community. But if George dies he be flamed forever.


This is a cartoon depiction of the man before his final roasting.


One the first day of the roast they let him have it. Some of the best roasters in Atlanta came out to flame this man. First there was DC Youngfly.


“Boyyyy Bring-That-Ass-Here BOY! Boy you look like a ruffneck. Boy you look like you bout to be somebody uncle ugly ahh boy

-Boy you look like you ready for christmas

-Boy you look like you got dirt in yo toe nails

-Look like a mofuckin uhhhh turtleneck faceass

-(Sung in Spongebob turtleneck song)Turtleneck, thats the kiiinndd. Tree stump built ass boi

-Look like yo name curtis faceass boi”


The crowds only got bigger as more and more got on his ass. Zimmerman couldn’t last till sundown. The crowd got to him, and he died of embarrassment.


“Weak ass nigga! Look at this weak ass nigga!” A man screamed from behind his cell phone as he recorded Zimmerman’s unresponsive body.


“Euhhh this nigga got boo boo! This nigga shitted himself” A 4-year hold points out from the outside of the glass.


“Euh that nigga did shit himself! Boo Boo ass nigga” Another proclaimed from the crowd.


The crowd continued to roast that boo boo nigga for ages up and down black and white twitter. Now that we have finished that story it is on to the story of Fantasia and Quish-Quish.


Oh… wait hold on. I just got word that their names are Syd and Ariona.


Syd and Ariona took no place in the trial, jury, testimony or anything those two bitches were lost in the sauce because they got away from the crash Scott free while getting a structured settlement, but they needed cash now. So they called J.G Wentworth at 877-CASH-NOW.


Those two bitches took that cash and they never went back to hoeing a day in their life. They hopped in a brand new used 2006 infiniti got their passports and moved to Mexico. This is the story of those to bitches on the run for fun in the sun.